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But how does it work?

​Unless you are prepared to carry out difficult, regular and time consuming maintenance yourself you may require a professional gutter cleaner at unnecessary expense. Well your problems are solved with the Hedgehog brush. It is so simple to install you can do it yourself and will solve your blocked gutter problems instantly.

Fallen leaves just sit on top of the hedgehog and simple blow away, allowing rainfall to flow through you gutters freely and easily. Debris that becomes trapped in the hedgehog filaments will break down and wash through your gutters giving you piece of mind, throughout the year.

D&G Plastic Solutions are a UK stockist of HEDGEHOG gutter brush.

Blocked gutters can be a constant worry: the lack of regular, and often precarious maintenance can cause irreversible damage to down pipe, roof tiles and gutters. This damage can, in turn leads to more problems.

Old cast iron gutters tend to look very worn and dated after a while, with the tendancy to leak.

PVC gutters come in a vast range of styles and colours to match the fascia or customers taste.

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